Independence and Patient-Centered Pricing

As an independently owned practice by our surgeons, we prioritize efficient, cost-effective care. This autonomy enables us to significantly reduce unnecessary expenses, offering our patients top-quality care at a more affordable cost.

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Exceptional Patient Care: A Family Approach

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond using the most advanced surgical techniques. From the warm greeting at our reception to our surgeons addressing you by name, we offer genuine care and compassion, treating every patient like family. You will feel our caring and attentive service from your initial consultation to post-operative follow-ups. Our goal is to ensure your comfort and a successful return to improved health. Surgical Associates, headquartered in Wausau, is the largest independent general and vascular surgical group in Wisconsin. With multiple locations across the region, our team of highly trained specialty surgeons ensures comprehensive care, performing vascular procedures at our onsite OBL (Office-Based Laboratory) and the most advanced facilities, such as Aspirus Wausau Hospital and Pine Ridge Surgery Center.

Comprehensive, Specialized Care

We offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare, ensuring thorough care from diagnosis to post-operative recovery. Our specialties include:

Comprehensive Vascular Care

With trained nurse practitioners focusing on vascular diseases and an accredited vascular ultrasound department, we provide top-tier in-clinic services. Our vascular surgeons, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging and minimally invasive techniques, perform interventions right in our advanced angiography suite.

Weight Loss Surgery

Our integrated program supports your journey with dietary counseling, physical therapy, support groups, and advanced surgical technology, accompanied by long-term follow-up care.

Colorectal Surgery

At Surgical Associates, our expert surgeons employ advanced surgical techniques for colorectal conditions, ensuring minimal discomfort and quicker recovery for our patients.

Hernia Surgery and Repair

Specializing in hernia repair, our surgeons at Surgical Associates utilize the latest techniques for effective treatment with faster recovery and reduced pain.

Thyroid Surgery

Dedicated thyroid specialists at Surgical Associates provide precise, careful surgery for thyroid disorders, focusing on patient safety and optimal recovery outcomes.

Pancreatic and Liver Surgery

Our surgeon performs complex pancreatic and liver surgeries with the most advanced, least invasive techniques.

Your Partner in Improved Health

At Surgical Associates, we believe in a collaborative environment where shared ideas and mutual respect drive our success. This philosophy results in empowered staff and happy patients.

Communication Matters to Us

Open, honest communication is our cornerstone. When you call us, expect a real person on the other line. You will experience what we call “Midwest Nice” at our offices. Our authenticity and down-to-earth quality set us apart, embodying the sincerity you deserve from a healthcare provider.

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Community Service

Our dedication extends to our community. We proudly contribute our time, resources, and healthcare services to various organizations and charities, embracing our responsibility to help achieve a healthier population in our region and beyond.

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Setting a New Standard of Personal Care

At Surgical Associates, we’re not just setting a new standard in surgical care; we’re redefining what it means to experience healthcare excellence with a personal touch. Surgical Associates is a team of highly skilled, experienced surgeons and staff dedicated to providing the most advanced general, vascular, and specialty surgery throughout central and northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s UP. We are independently owned by our surgeons and provide care for patients referred by any physician practice or healthcare group in the region. Being independent affords us total control, allowing us to eliminate wasteful spending – and pass on lower costs to our patients.

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Your Journey to Improved Health at Surgical Associates

Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care in a friendly and approachable manner. Our receptionists greet you with warm, caring smiles, and our surgeons call you by name because we believe in treating patients like family. From your initial consultation to your provider’s post-operative phone call and follow-up care, our mission is to be compassionate and attentive from the moment you walk through our doors. Surgical Associates has offices in Wausau and several other communities across our region. We are the largest independent general and vascular surgical group in the state of Wisconsin, providing access to a team of highly trained surgeons with multiple specialties. Currently, we perform procedures at our onsite clinic and at Aspirus Wausau Hospital and Pine Ridge Surgery Center in Wausau.

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