Expertise in trauma care

Our team at Surgical Associates serves patients across central and northern Wisconsin, as well as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, primarily managing care at Aspirus Wausau Hospital. This Level II Trauma Center, designated by the American College of Surgery, handled over 7,500 trauma cases in 2016 alone. Our team’s expertise is not just in prompt and efficient surgical intervention but also in comprehensive, multidisciplinary care.

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An inclusive, interdisciplinary technique

Led by fellowship-trained trauma and critical care surgeon Dr. Jennine Larson, our skilled trauma team collaborates with a wide range of specialists, including emergency physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and more. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that every aspect of a patient’s trauma care, from immediate surgery to rehabilitation, is covered.

Types of Injuries

Our trauma surgeons at Surgical Associates can treat a wide range of severe and life-threatening injuries. Our skilled team is equipped to handle various types of trauma, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. Some of the common types of injuries that necessitate trauma care include:

Vehicle-Related Injuries

Injuries sustained in car, motorcycle, or pedestrian accidents often require immediate trauma care. These can range from fractures and internal bleeding to more severe head and spinal injuries.


Particularly in elderly patients, falls can result in serious injuries such as hip fractures, head traumas, and spinal injuries.


Injuries from physical assaults may include stab or gunshot wounds, which require urgent surgical intervention to address internal damage and bleeding.

Farming Accidents

Common in rural areas, these accidents can lead to a range of serious injuries, from limb amputations to crush injuries.

Industrial Accidents

Trauma care for industrial accidents may involve treating burns, chemical exposures, or injuries from machinery.

Sports Injuries

Severe sports-related injuries, such as concussions or joint dislocations, can also require the expertise of a trauma surgeon.

Domestic and Everyday Accidents

From severe cuts to burns, these everyday incidents can sometimes escalate into life-threatening situations needing trauma care.

Each type of injury presents its unique challenges, and our trauma surgeons are adept at providing the specialized care required for these diverse situations. Our team’s readiness to respond swiftly and efficiently to these diverse emergencies is a cornerstone of the exceptional care we provide at Surgical Associates.

Outreach and prevention initiatives

Beyond immediate surgical care, we are committed to reducing traumatic accidents in our community. Aspirus Trauma Center actively participates in various injury prevention initiatives. Our efforts include car seat and seatbelt safety checks, bike and pedestrian safety programs in area schools, and participation in Community Mass Casualty Training for emergency response coordination.

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Educational programs for rural hospitals

We extend our expertise through educational programs for rural hospitals, helping them provide initial trauma care and facilitating necessary patient transfers to our trauma center. These programs are crucial in ensuring that critical care is accessible across the region.

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Aspirus Health Foundation

The Aspirus Health Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting our trauma center. Donations to the foundation contribute to childhood safety initiatives, emphasizing car, bicycle, home, pedestrian, water, and fire safety.

Why choose Surgical Associates for trauma care?

With state-of-the-art facilities, a dedicated team, and a passion for serving our community, we provide a level of trauma care that is both comprehensive and compassionate. Trauma surgery at Surgical Associates represents our dedication to providing life-saving care in the most critical moments. Our team’s readiness to respond, combined with our commitment to injury prevention and community outreach, underscores our holistic approach to trauma care.

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