Holiday stress, too many goodies, and a schedule stuffed full of celebrations often take a toll on one’s psychological and physical health. It’s hard to escape completely. The best approach is to be aware of negative effects of stress and take steps to nurture your overall wellness.


How Stress Affects Skin

Those who suffer from chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea know that stress is often a trigger for uncomfortable and embarrassing flare-ups. But even people without these skin conditions will experience stress’s negative effects on their skin. High levels of stress cause the body to release a stress hormone called cortisol into the bloodstream, prompting increased oil production which can cause oily skin, acne, and rashes. Stress can also negatively impact the barrier of the skin, contributing to an uneven skin tone and dullness.


Methods to Help You Cope

Instead of reaching for that extra glass of wine or cookie, try to cope with stress by incorporating a stress reducing activity into your day, such as exercise, meditation, calming music, or volunteer work. Additionally, pay more attention to your skin with the following methods to reduce your risk of acne, flare-ups and other issues.

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How to Get Your Healthy Glow Back After the Holidays

  • Avoid hot showers and baths. They strip your skin of moisture. Use a lukewarm temperature instead and moisturize immediately after you’re finished.
  • Wear sunscreen. YES, even in the winter! Sun exposure and harsh weather conditions can flare up certain skin conditions and increase the visible impact of aging.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Your skin really does reflect your diet. During the holidays, do your best to continue to eat healthy foods like leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats like olive oil.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep recharges your body and makes it more resilient to stress. We’ve all seen what lack of sleep does to the circles under our eyes. Try to keep a regular bedtime, and wind down with a relaxing activity, like yoga or aromatherapy, before tucking in for the night.
  • Keep your hands away from your face. Bacteria on your hands can stimulate the development of acne, especially when you’re stressed.
  • Hydrate. Drink enough water to flush impurities from your body, which can help keep skin clear.
  • patient receiving skin treatmentExfoliate. Sloughing off dead skin cells lets newer cells show through and helps achieve that enviable “glow.” Elevé’s revolutionary HydraFacial® cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes the skin—all in just 30 minutes! You can even fit one in during your lunch break and tailor the treatment to address a variety of ailments, including aging skin, sun damage, rosacea, and blemishes.
  • Consider trying an in-office procedure with little to no downtime such as Botox® or facial fillers! From December 6 through December 21, Elevé is offering BOGO Botox® (buy one facial area, get one facial area) and BOGO Juvéderm®.


Stress is an unavoidable part of life, and the hectic schedules we keep around the holidays only heighten the toll it takes. If allowed to become a chronic element of your life, stress will eventually leave an indelible impression on your face. Remembering to care for ourselves is a small way to reclaim control and fight back against the effect.

If you are struggling with acne, signs of aging, or flare-ups from eczema and rosacea, consult with a skincare expert at Elevé to get to the root of the problem. Once equipped with a customized treatment regimen, you can restore a clear, smooth complexion that unlocks a more comfortable, confident you!

*Come in any day between December 6 and 21 to purchase any of Elevé’s December specials. No stacking discounts or using Care Credit.


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