We are proud to announce that Dr. Robert T. Brebrick of Surgical Associates is the only physician in Wisconsin, Illinois or Indiana performing thyroid radiofrequency ablations (RFA). This procedure offers a non-surgical option for individuals diagnosed with benign thyroid nodules and preserves thyroid function.

Thyroid nodule RFA is an office-based procedure where a needle electrode is passed through the skin of the neck overlaying the thyroid gland and positioned within the nodule to be treated. Electric current heats the needle tip which destroys the tissue in the nodule. The nodule will slowly shrink over the following six to twelve months. There will be a residual scar within the thyroid at the site of the nodule which will be visible by ultrasound.

During the procedure, local anesthetic will be injected into the skin at the needle entry site and deeper tissues. The procedure may be performed under IV sedation for additional comfort, but this is optional and not required.

Man receiving radio frequency treatment

Source: RGS Healthcare

The goal is to ablate the enlarged thyroid nodule by 60 to 80 percent.

The initial consult can be done either in-person or via telehealth. The procedure is performed in an office-based setting, with minimal recovery involved. The entire procedure, including admit and discharge, takes only two to three hours. Most patients can return to usual activity the following day. Complications are rare and thyroid function is preserved. Occasionally, adequate nodule destruction may require a second treatment.

To learn if RFA might be the solution for your benign thyroid nodule, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brebrick today:



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